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Swamp Coolers Residential and Commercial Tune Up 

Air 4 Seasons provides services to residential and commercial swamps coolers. Following are the step performed when you call us for your swamp coolers residential  maintenance service starting at $299!


  • Remove the cover. (it is always a good idea to keep it covered during the winter).

  • Remove the pad panels and clean out all the debris in the bottom of the cooler.

  • Replace the cooler pads. (This should be done every year).

  • Coat the bottom of the cooler with sealant. (Recommended every 2-3 years. Additional $80)

  • Lubricate blower bearings.

  • Lubricate motor if it does not have sealed bearings.

  • Check fan belt tension. (If the belt is worn, damaged, or saggy, consider to replace it).

  • Pull off the supply tubing where it connects to the top distribution spider tubes, point away, and plug in the pump to blow out any hard water deposits in the pump and tubing. Reconnect the supply tubing.

  • Turn on water and fill the bottom of the swamp cooler up to 1" below the top of the overflow tube.

  • Check float valve to ensure that it does fully shut off the water flow once the proper level has been reached.

  • Check water level again and readjust if necessary.

  • Add water treatment table to prevent bacteria to grow.

  • Check the top of the pad panels, the water trough, for hard water deposits and blocked water passages. Clean as needed.

  • Check to ensure that all of the water supply tubes are flowing water into the water troughs (top of the panels)

  • Install the new pads.


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