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How many pounds of Freon does my Air Conditioning unit hold?

Posted by Zulema Rosales on Thu, Aug 30, 2012 @ 02:02 PM

Recently, we had a costumer inquiring about our tune up services and Freon rates. He was very punctual and asked: How many pounds of Freon does my unit hold? I am not a technician, I answered,  but I would ask to my husband and go back to you with the answer. So, a day after I called him and I am pretty sure you want to know about it.


First of all, Freon is the refrigerant most Air Conditioning units and heat pumps uses to cool down the air. Freon is a government regulated substance, technicians holding an Environmental Protection Agency - EPA certification are only allowed to buy and handle it.


Second, it is impossible to know exactly how many pounds of Freon your unit will need, until a certified EPA technician set a manifold gauge with a hose attachment in your compressor. AC units do not consume Freon in a normally functioning system. If the pressure reading on the gauge is lower than the manufacturer’s recommendation, which can be found in the data plate on condenser, then you have low Freon which because of a leak in your system. That needs to be repair. Below, we show you a picture from Saavedra AC Heating in Texas, in which they are repairing by welding a freon leak.


freon leakage repair











So how many pounds of refrigerant (commonly known as Freon) do your unit need? It depends of many factors, such as:

  • The tonelage of your unit
  • The length and size of the cooper lineset. The farther the distance between the condenser and the evaporator coil, the more Freon your unit will need.
  • The size of your evaporator coil. The larger the evaporator coil, the higher efficiency of your Ac, and more Freon to fill it.
  • The type of your system. A split system in which the condenser unit is outside and the air handler, furnace and coil are inside the house, needs to use more Freon due to different sizes of coils and linesets. A package system, has everything in one cabinet outside the house, all the line connections are self contained in the same box.

It is not possible to give a precise answer. However, the general rule amount that can be estimated is the 2-4 pounds per ton of cooling of your system. Remember, the only way to know  for sure is to contact your Ac manufacturer, read the back plate in your unit and ask your Ac company to give you that info.

Finally, if you need anything regarding your AC and Heating system, such as, repairs, replacements, service and maintenance, we are a call away and ready o serve you with professionalism, the best equipment and workmanship. (818) 378-5212


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